The mysterious lake of Kam Pinh Pouy.


The lake of Kamping Pouy is about 30 kilometers of Battambang, between the mountain Phom Kul and Phnom Kam Pinh Pouy, in the Nget village. Even though, the story of the lake is tragic, an other joyful tale is written today. At the beginning, the Khmer rouge built this basin to irrigate the countryside around Battambang. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of prisoners died in the lake. They were threw out in the water, when they died because of malnutrition and diseases. A peaceful and a mysterious mood reigns today on the lotus lake. The sacred flowers have got rid the darkness of, and bought out the light and the immortality of the lake’s depths.

Lake of Kamping Pouy

Besides of its spiritual symbol, the lotus flower has some interesting physical properties, owing to the richness in fibers. These seeds are stored during one millenium. More the flower is cut, more it is grew back. You should know that all the parts of the lotus are edible in the flower. In the traditional chinese medicine, the rhizome is used to avoid the diabetes and the obesity. Also, the seeds are consumed for their antioxidant properties. For the tea lovers, the lotus’s pistils are plucked to flavour the black tea.


A lotus workshop has been created by Samatoa in 2009, when Awen Delaval found a possibility to extract the fibers from the lotus’s stems. Thus, he could built up an exceptional hand-crafted know-how in producing an ecological, a renewable and a natural lotus fiber. See below, two workers clean the stems, before to use them.


Upstream, the lotus’s clipper chooses the young sprouts. He can cut around 30 kilograms per day. He earns a good salary for a countryside’s worker, about the double of the average’s salary in Cambodia.

the lotus's clipper

The lotus’s stem must be dry before its exploitation. First, the worker cuts the stem.


He sets the fibers on the table down. It requires 12 layers to make a lotus fiber. That’s why, he needs to cut around three stems. He rolls up the fibers ‘s layers under his fingers. The difficulty is to make a regular small piece of lotus fiber, without break the thread.

DSCF5668The lotus fiber of Kam Pinh Pouy is one of the best fiber in the world. Its colors are unique. It is rare to find a fiber which can produce at once a white and a grey beautiful thread.


Some statistics:

9,50 kilograms of lotus’s stems can produce 250 meters of thread. One worker can make 230 meters of thread per day.

15 persons work in the lotus workshop.

In a near future, Samatoa would increase the number of staffs, to improve the life of the villagers.

Samatoa hires handicapped persons and offers a formation to people in difficulties.

Samatoa is the only textile’s firme which produces clothes in lotus’s fibers in the world.




3 thoughts on “The mysterious lake of Kam Pinh Pouy.

  1. Hello! Je regrette de ne pas avoir beaucoup de temps sur internet pour suivre ce blog avec plus d’attention ! Tres chouettes photos. Tu as l’air de faire plein de choses ! Tout le meilleur pour la suite de ton sejour cambodgien, et c’est vraiment dommage qu’on arrivera un peu tard pour t’y voir !!!

    • Hello! Merci pour les compliments! Oui, mes journées sont pleines et vraiment passionnantes! Je suis aussi vos aventures avec intérêt! Je suis impressionnée par les 25 jours de désert et le franchissement du col de 4566m, les 10000 km parcourus à vélo (C’est l’équivalent de Paris – Île de la Réunion), les beaux récits à la Bouvier…Waouh!
      A très bientôt à Siem Reap j’espère…!

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