The Dolphin of the Mekong.

  • The Dolphins of Irrawaddy is an endangered species in the Mekong. The main reason of his extinction is the use of string bags by the fishermen. Also, they are sensitive with the noise of the motorboats.


  • The most part of the villagers live with the income of the fishing. That’s why, it’s very difficult to change the habits.


  • The first possible solution as tourist is to not use a motorboat when you visit the Mekong. Then, the hard task will be to find a fair solution between the local NGOs and the villagers.


  • How could we carry out an appropriate income for all the villagers, if they can’t fish in great quantity?


  • Perhaps ecotourism will be the best solution, even though not all the villagers can take an advantage of this activity. But, what can we do for the others?