Peaceful life in Prey Chrey.

Dear readers,

I apologize. I haven’t written an article for a long while. My blog will restart soon. Meanwhile, I let you enjoy the mood of this short video and the photos of the peaceful life in Prey Chrey, a small village near the border of Vietnam, accessible only by boat  two times. It’s very complicated to go there, especially during the rainy season. But, you will find an authentic Khmer village, with some silk weavers. There aren’t any guesthouses and any hotels. Prey Chrey is far from modernity.

On the boat  for  Prey Chrey.

The silk weaver

KidsIn Cambodia, the kids always smile, play and laugh, even though life is not easy for them. In these pictures, they were surprised by my camera.


In Prey Chrey, I saw a lot of grannies in good health! It’s unusual in Cambodia to find some nonagenarian grannies. Perhaps, stay away from modernity is the secret to live longer.



Khmer Pile dwellings